January 2012

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Think before you stick

Research shows a clear association between diagnostic phlebotomy and hospital-acquired anemia in some patients.

Hospitalists set the funny bone

Residents should be taught to keep their humor well within the safe zone, experts agree.

Comanaging pressures: Kidney Week experts advise on hypertension

Certain specialized circumstances can make high blood pressure particularly problematic.

Info + forms = good informed consent

Good informed consent should be a concern for any physician who performs a procedure with risks.

Hopes and fears abound at National Bundled Payment Summit

Speakers were optimistic about the potential to reduce health care costs without decreasing profits.

Lost in transit

Even when errors didn't occur, communication patterns appeared less than ideal.

Getting ready for ICD-10 changes

Oct. 1, 2013, is the current deadline for switching from ICD-9.

Letter from the Editor

Some of this issue's topics include preventing anemia, using humor appropriately, and managing hypertension.

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Food for thought

A Thanksgiving meal develops disturbing medical connotations.

Why general medicine ward teams should round in the ICU

Rounding on established patients undergirds the fundamental bases of professionalism.

MKSAP Quiz: High-value, cost-conscious care

These cases and commentary, which address high-value, cost-conscious care, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP15).

Recent Research

Hospitalist care and post-discharge costs, very elderly patients and vitamin K thromboprophylaxis, and more.

In the News

Risk framing, predicting VTE risk, and more.