February 2012

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Under pressure

Pressure ulcers are a main source of withheld payments and lawsuits, but physicians can be undereducated about them, according to one expert.

Seven studies from 2011 you should read (if you haven't already)

This Web-only feature offers pearls from one expert's list of 2011's most important literature.

The healing arts

Options can range from CD players in patient rooms to visits from certified art and music therapists.

Pain in the gut

Sometimes a careful history and minimal screening are more effective than extensive scans and tests.

Hospitalist-resident teams find happiness and efficiency

Strong Memorial Hospital in New York developed a new rotation system to help ease pressure on residents.

How to volunteer overseas

An experienced volunteer discusses what's required to get involved.

What's zinc got to do with it?

This case study examines a 59-year-old woman with weakness and fatigue of three weeks' duration.

Bleeding and acute blood loss anemia

In coding, anemia is a separate identifiable condition that contributes independently to patient risk and severity of illness.

Letter from the Editor

Some of this issue's topics include pressure ulcers, arts in the hospital, and undiagnosed bowel disorders.

Extensivists and near miss programs: Readers respond to December issue

Readers respond to articles on extensivists and near miss programs.

The snake and I

The author details the aftermath of his encounter with a rattlesnake (or snakes).

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Groundhog shift

I'd seen that movie. Could it really be happening to me?.

MKSAP quiz on gastroenterology

These cases and commentary, which address gastroenterology, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP15).

Hospital medicine courses abound at Internal Medicine 2012

ACP's meeting in New Orleans promises many offerings for hospitalists.

New anticoagulants getting expanded approval, but also review

Details on anticoagulant regulation and more.

Recent Research

Early statin use in stroke, acute lung injury, and more.

In the News

Suicide rating scale; hospitalists and the intensivist shortage.