June 2012

Brad Spellberg MD FACP Photo by Kevin Berne

A grim picture

This report from the front lines of the war against microbes doesn't offer much good news.

Predicting and preventing perioperative problems

MI and respiratory calculators can help manage perioperative risk.

‘PharManure’ and drugs to hate the most

One doctor's least-wanted list includes drugs that increase costs without improving care or raise the risk of antibiotic resistance.

Like gambling? Eat raw oysters

Hepatitis A and Vibrio vulnificus are two potential dangers.

Stop doing that

Nasogastric lavage might be the most egregious example, but there are plenty of others, one expert says.

Serve your trainees a feedback sandwich

Physicians in training should be assessed continuously, not just at the end of a rotation.

Don't treat the poison

Supportive care is key to improving survival.

Drugs for drinkers

Physicians don't always identify patients at risk, especially in certain demographics.

Four-day blocks match hospitalists' and patients' schedules

Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore changed hospitalists' schedules to improve physician satisfaction and quality of care.


A study indicates that public reporting of hospital infection rates should note which were present on admission.

Problems with pulmonary edema

Acute pulmonary edema is a serious condition, but coding rules don't always give it its due.

Genetics in hospital medicine

Obtaining and applying genetic information can play a vital role in diagnosis and treatment.

Letter from the Editor

This issue features extensive conference coverage from both Internal Medicine 2012 and Hospital Medicine 2012.

Perils of framing for both physicians and patients

How can physicians properly frame risks and benefits of treatments so patients can make the best medical decisions?.

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Generic discharge summary*

What's lost in accuracy will be more than compensated with personal time saved.

MKSAP quiz on alcohol abuse

These cases and commentary, which address alcohol abuse, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP15).

Generic irbesartan, escitalopram approved

Details on approvals, recalls, warnings and more.

Recent Research

Neurological deficit and outcomes in mild stroke, cangrelor as potential bridging therapy in CABG, and more.

In the News

Dabigatran risks, C. diff, and more.