February 2013

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Too many or too few: Who belongs in the ICU?

Some experts are starting to question how the nation's critical care beds are being used.

Grooming residents to be hospitalist leaders

Residents who want to become tomorrow's hospitalists need to learn more than clinical skills to succeed.

Caring for cancer patients

Knowledge about the effects of cancer treatments on organ systems and the potential risks of surgery unique to cancer patients is becoming key.

Finesse required to treat anxiety in the elderly

Elderly patients may have many concerns on their mind, but when does worry become anxiety?.

Time to curb the curbside?

They are quick, convenient and help out colleagues and patients. What could be wrong with curbside consults? Quite a lot.

Shifting views on shiftwork

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center developed a new system to maintain night coverage in the ICU under resident work-hour limits.

Medical decision making for E/M services

This month's column focuses on determining the number of diagnoses or management options when documenting complexity of medical decision making.

A brief history of Dublin hospitals

An Irish medical student offers a historical tour of his training hospital, and others.Asking patients if they have any questions isn't the best way to be sure they understand.

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The one that got away

I was ready to reel in the diagnosis I was fishing for, only to feel it swim away on an emetic river of blood.

Letter from the Editor

This issue features stories on ICU care, resident training, and perioperative care for cancer patients, among others.

Correction: Student Hospitalist Column

A column from our July 2012 issue required correction.

Cases from Montefiore Medical Center

Amyloid as a cause of refractory heart failure, high-output heart failure from severe anemia, and other cases are discussed.

Heparin labeling changed to clarify drug strength

Details on recalls, warnings and label changes.

Recent Research

Probiotics, new-generation anticoagulants and antiplatelet therapy, and more.

In the News

ICU transfer, daily sedation interruption, and more.

Hear my voice

Asking patients if they have any questions isn't the best way to be sure they understand.