May 2013

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Glutted with guidelines?

When deciding which guidelines to follow, clinicians should look for strong supporting evidence and clear explanations of how the authors arrived at their recommendations.

Bringing the hospital to the patients

A handful of programs around the country provide hospital-level care to patients without admitting them to the hospital.

Improving patient satisfaction scores

The mere fact of being in the hospital is incompatible with happiness, which can make the task of improving patient satisfaction feel like an uphill battle.

Little conversations about big decisions

Understanding where colleagues are coming from could help improve communication.

The early referral gets the rehab

Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit boosted rehab rates to over 70%.

Cases from Yale-New Haven Hospital: Trainee Edition

Leukocytoclastic vasculitis associated with cocaine abuse, the Sister Mary Joseph nodule as presentation of advanced malignant peritoneal mesothelioma, and other cases are discussed.

Medical decision making for E/M services

This column focuses on the risk of complications, morbidity and/or mortality.

A nearly forgotten art—checking pulses

The author discusses why checking patients' pulses is a crucial part of the physical exam.

Reflections from a physician who faced his mortality

A physician who developed severe heartburn recalls his thinking as he reflects on his own progressively severe symptoms and increasingly worrisome differential diagnosis.

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Yiddish for hospitalists

After our Latin primer for hospitalists, it only seems right to explore another language that's likely to be of great help.

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes stories on guidelines, hospital care at home, and patient satisfaction, among others.

Letter to the Editor

A reader responds to ACP Hospitalist's story on copying and pasting in EHRs.

Recent Research

Rivaroxaban and CV events, afib and cognitive impairment, and more.

In the News

Performance measures and readmissions, early management of acute ischemic stroke, and more.