June 2013

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Stopping delirium before it starts

Large-scale efforts to prevent delirium have been around for years, but hospitals also can take smaller measures if they don't have the immediate resources or ability to overhaul care.

HIV in the hospital

All doctors should be screening patients age 13 through 64 for HIV.

Diagnosing lung infection in HIV

The majority of lung infections are caused by one of three organisms.

Using medical apps, tech on the wards

Experts review apps for decision support, medical calculators, tools and more.

‘Party drugs' require hard work to spot, treat

Advice on the presentations of common drug problems.

What it takes to lead

An MBA may or may not be needed, depending on whom you ask.

Nailing down the nephrotic syndrome

Blood and urine composition provide key clues.

One hospital gets smart about discharge paperwork

Anne Arundel Medical Center in Maryland uses whiteboards, worksheets to instruct patients.

New ABIM CEO looks forward to changes and challenges

He sees part of his job as helping physicians and the organization to manage change.

CRE rates creeping up

Here's what hospitalists can do to protect patients from carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae.

A different view of the cloud

Most impressive, according to Dr. Centor, are apps that allow him to use the cloud and share information across two computers, an iPad and an iPhone.

Code carefully with nutrition guidelines

This column discusses classic chronic malnutrition and how it differs from acute nutritional deficiency.

When the best discharge may not be enough

The author shares his regret over not following up with a patient from years ago.

A palette of patients

When in the throes of illness, a patient can project one of a wide range of hues.

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes stories on dementia, HIV screening, medical apps, and leadership, among others.

MKSAP quiz on delirium

These cases and commentary, which address delirium, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP16).

More compounded products recalled, new diabetes drug approved

Details on recalls, warnings, label changes and approvals.

Recent Research

Pneumonia after stroke, quetiapine for delirium, and more.

In the News

Cardiac arrest response, readmission risk score, and more.