November 2013


Top Docs

Our call for nominations last spring yielded an impressive number of nominees, from which our editorial board selected the ten featured here. These physicians have done admirable work in patient rounding, resident education, technology, workload balance, and more.

Syncope units: One solution to an expensive problem

These multidisciplinary teams function as part of EDs, observation or inpatient units. European studies suggest they may help shorten length of stay.

The emotional life of doctors

When physicians get a handle on work-related emotions, it helps improve patient care as well as self-care.

A collection of individual cases

Other cases examine squamous-cell carcinoma of the gallbladder and vancomycin-induced thrombocytopenia.

Play it again

Effort at Cullman Regional Medical Center in Cullman, Ala. led to better patient satisfaction scores and lower 30-day readmissions rates.

Gaming the hospital

Many of the game's challenges and jokes were drawn from experience in hospital medicine.

Revisiting respiratory failure

An acute exacerbation of chronic respiratory failure represents acute-on-chronic respiratory failure, and acute hypoxemic criteria must be applied with caution in these patients.

Eponymous chest pain

A hectic day is made worse by a know-it-all fellow.

The hollow cavities resounded

A love of music may have helped one resident to become a better doctor.

Physician, diagnose thyself

Pioneering physicians have fallen prey to the very conditions they studied.

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes coverage of our 2013 Top Docs, a feature on syncope units, and a collection of individual submissions to The Brief Case.

New labeling on long-acting opioids and fluoroquinolones

Details on recalls, warnings and approvals.

Recent Research

Probiotics for Clostridium difficile, readmission risk after percutaneous coronary intervention, and more.

In the News

Aspirin after pancreas surgery, appropriate use criteria for noninvasive vascular tests, and more.