January 2014

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Finding a job that fits

The right “cultural fit” between a hospital and a physician may be what guarantees a fulfilling career.

With acute pancreatitis, time is of the essence

Get a handle on the signs that indicate acute pancreatitis, the best treatment, and the complications to watch for.

Cases from San Francisco General Hospital

Other cases include sulfadiazine-induced crystal nephropathy and a low anion gap.

Take note

Patients at University of Michigan's University Hospital are given bedside notepads to encourage discussions about care.

Lab oversight important even for waived testing

Physicians should take steps to improve the testing done in their hospitals and offices.

Acute coronary syndrome: A cardiac conundrum

Physicians should view the label as provisional and evaluate further for a more specific diagnosis.

Vital signs are vital

Introducing a new series that highlights the importance of vital signs.

How year-two skills are forged from year-one lessons

Interns are exposed to many small leadership moments over the course of 12 months.

DNR: An order ignored

Deconstruct a poorly handled situation to help prevent a similar occurrence.

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes a cover story on how to find a job that makes you happy, diagnosing and treating acute pancreatitis, and case summaries from San Francisco General Hospital.

Recommended: Move hydrocodone combo products to schedule II

Details on recalls, warnings and label changes.

Recent Research

Dabigatran outcomes, PPIs and postoperative pneumonia, and more.

In the News

MRSA rates, effectiveness of ICU gowns and gloves, and more.