June 2014

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Coagulation confusion

How to handle anticoagulants, steroid, cardiac, diabetic, and pulmonary drugs in surgical patients.

Disclosing errors the right way

How to handle different types of mistakes.

Make quality metrics work for you

Stand out by providing high-value care.

Oncologic horrors in the hospital

Problems can occur in metabolic, infectious, drug realms.

Use the “5 Bs” to treat acute hyperthyroidism

Antithyroid drugs, radioactive iodine, surgery are main treatments.

Heart failure: a coding classification quandary

Pathophysiologic classification and acuity are important in documentation of heart failure.

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes a cover story on perioperative medication management, extensive coverage from Internal Medicine 2014, and an expert analysis of chemotherapy-induced hypersensitivity reactions.

In the News

Interventions make discharges more timely, statins help with delirium in critically ill.

Diagnosis and management of chemotherapy-induced hypersensitivity reactions

A case of a patient with ovarian cancer raises questions about how to respond when chemotherapy infusions cause adverse reactions.

Recent Research

Genotype testing for warfarin dosing may offer limited or no benefit.