July 2016

Mark Davis MD speaking at Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 Photo by Kevin Berne

Skin in the game

11 dermatologic conditions hospitalists should know.

Hard data lacking on postdischarge follow-up

Effectiveness of hospital clinics and phone calls examined.

Hospitals and hurricanes

Advice on disaster preparation from physicians who've been there.

Pearls for putting patients in pulmonary rehab

The who, when, what, and why of rehabilitation.

Stretching the end of hospitalization past discharge

A new clinic in an outpatient care center focuses on recently discharged patients at high risk for readmission.

Focusing on acute MI in women

An expert offers insight on the American Heart Association's first scientific statement on the topic.

Take notice of the NOTICE act

Medicare beneficiaries who receive observation services as an outpatient for more than 24 hours are now required to be given formal notice of observation requirements and attendant financial obligations.

Elevator pitch

A good pitch must be concise and clear, engaging and persuasive, well-rehearsed and actionable, and less than 30 seconds long.

Present people, not diseases

Instead of focusing on all the past medical problems a patient has, you should focus on who they are first.

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue highlights key sessions at Internal Medicine Meeting 2016 on such topics as dermatology, postdischarge follow-up, and more.

Cases from New York University

Acute intermittent porphyria, thrombotic microangiopathy complicating chemotherapy, and more.

New warning about fluoroquinolones

Details on the latest recalls, warnings, and approvals.

Recent Research

Treatment for complicated UTIs and abdominal infections, age-adjusted D-dimer results, ticagrelor vs. aspirin after cerebral ischemic events, and more.

In the News

GME financing and workforce needs, antibiotic stewardship programs.