April 10, 2024

Photo courtesy of Dr Callum graphic by Getty Images

The limited evidence for IV albumin

An expert explains recent guidelines on IV albumin that recommended against the blood product in the settings where it is most commonly used.

Antibiotic OKed for pneumonia, bloodstream, skin infections

In addition to approving ceftobiprole medocaril sodium for three different types of infection, the FDA authorized the first generic version of fidaxomicin, among other actions.

Government highlights need for consent before exams on patients under anesthesia

In response to reports of intimate exams being performed by trainees on patients under anesthesia, officials called on academic hospitals and medical schools to always obtain and document informed consent.

Nursing homes, hospitals collaborated, reduced drug-resistant infections

A countywide program of chlorhexidine bathing and nasal iodophor antisepsis for residents in long-term care and hospitalized patients who were on contact precautions reduced colonization and related hospitalizations and deaths.

Patient-reported behavioral, economic factors predict mortality after cardiac hospitalization

Patients who reported being unemployed, retired, or unable to work due to disability at discharge from a cardiovascular hospitalization were significantly more likely to die during three-year follow up, a single-center study found.

Two in five HF patients not on guideline-directed medical therapy at discharge

A study of Veterans Affairs hospitals found that 42% of patients hospitalized for heart failure (HF) in 2013 to 2019 were not prescribed all guideline-recommended medications at discharge, and those receiving care at urban hospitals were even less likely to receive the treatments.

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