May 2011

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You can reduce antibiotic resistance

Leading an antibiotic stewardship program is within the reach of hospitalists at even the smallest community hospitals.

Rapid response systems are in place, but do they work?

After establishing rapid response systems, hospitals must follow through by measuring their effectiveness.

Pocket-sized procedures

Ultrasound images, formerly only available from machines weighing hundreds of pounds and costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, can now be viewed on devices significantly smaller in both size and price.

Talking points on palliative care

Speakers at the recent National Palliative Care Summit discussed strategies for changing and improving Americans' perceptions of palliative care.

Discussing prognosis

Physicians not only overestimate prognosis, many consciously present a more optimistic prognosis to patients than they privately believe.

Hospitals with leverage get more from insurers

A new study shows that payment rates vary widely from private insurers to hospitals. The president of the Center for Studying Health System Change talks to ACP Hospitalist about possible causes and solutions.

Creative solutions to difficult discharges

Denver Health Medical Center's complex discharge committee helps find creative dispositions for patients who are medically ready for discharge but, for many reasons, unable to leave the hospital.

Letter from the Editor

This issue examines antibiotic stewardship programs, rapid response systems, pocket ultrasounds, and more.

Hospital failure

Like a conscientious physician, hospitalists must play doctor to their own facilities.

Lip smacks, insults and f-bombs

Some days, dealing with patients feels like a boxing match.

The scourge of seven on/seven off

How many soccer games have you missed because of your work schedule? How often has your spouse had to eat dinner without you?.


The clinical distinction between community-acquired pneumonia and health care-associated pneumonia is crucial for correct management and antibiotic selection.

Strategies for succeeding as an inpatient physician

Attendings should advocate that their time be protected to ensure that they can fulfill their primary responsibilities during the rotation: patient care and education.

MKSAP quiz on antibiotics

These cases and commentary, which address antibiotics, are excerpted from ACP's Medical Knowledge Self-Assessment Program (MKSAP15).

Recent Research

Restrictive transfusions, hospice care use, and more.

In the News

Antibiotic therapy and sepsis, reductions in MRSA infections after surgery, and more.