March 2015

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Uncertainty clouds protocols

Sepsis strategies studied and debated.

Planning is key to successful comanagement

Working out details in advance helps avoid conflicts down the road.

Teach trainees more thought, less waste

Hospitalist role models can help residents embrace high-value care.

Physicians step up as initiatives change nursing home care

National efforts are underway to improve the quality of care for patients with dementia.

Speedy stroke treatment and feedback

An academic medical center reduces door-to-needle time dramatically.

Add a second question to the smoking conversation

Secondhand smoke exposure common among cardiac inpatients.

Experts agree on principles of diabetes care

Broad topics, specific advice are included.

Medicare's 2-midnight rule

Part 2 of 2 about Medicare's medical necessity requirements.

The lost cohort

A fictional class for an MHA leads to some literal wayfinding.

‘Gentlemen, this is no humbug’: A history of anesthesia

If the history of anesthesia is the story of trying to manage pain, then it is indeed a long one.

‘Digitally native’ learners and physician evaluation

Fund of knowledge cannot be the sole (or even main) proxy for physician quality.

Letter from the Editor

This month's issue includes articles on sepsis, comanagement, high-value care, and more.

Cases from Brown University: Rhode Island Hospital/The Miriam Hospital

Patient cases involving Benedikt's syndrome, Chikungunya fever, essential thrombocythemia, and more.

New antiviral, antibiotic approved

Details on the latest recalls, warnings, and approvals.

Recent Research

Perioperative aspirin and clonidine for AKI, longer surgeries and clot risk, poor neighborhoods and readmissions, and more.

In the News

Secondhand smoke exposure, bleeding risk with dabigatran versus warfarin, post-op delirium in older adults, and more.