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Recent Research

0.6% of controls; adjusted rate ratio [ARR], 4.50). Neither recent use (0.3% of cases vs. ... Thrombolytic therapy improves mortality in unstable patients with acute pulmonary embolism (PE) but is underused, according to a recent study.
September 2012

Letter from the Editor

In it, he elegantly summarized recent research suggesting there is more to preventing readmissions than a good discharge and follow-up.
March 2013

NSTEMI algorithm, metabolic acidemia, and more

The authors noted that the use of prophylactic antibiotics before procedures has been discouraged in recent years. ... They called for future research in this area to include clinically important endpoints.
February 2019

Beta-blocker choice may affect outcomes in cirrhosis and acute MI

However, they said that recent research on portal hypertension has raised concerns about the potentially harmful effects of the drugs in this population.
September 2018

Questions and answers in periop medicine

Maniaci said. Recent research has also shown how to identify patients at risk for respiratory complications: Check the expiratory flow of intubated patients during surgery.“ Basically, the anesthesiologist inflates the ... Another recent study to
January 2018

Adding immune-modulating agents to enteral nutrition potentially harmful, study finds

They noted that the mortality rate in the standard nutrition group was lower than in some other recent research, which could potentially be explained by the high protein content (1.2 ... The standard formula also had a balanced amino acid pattern, which
August 2014

Family participation in ICU rounds may yield benefit, study finds

Family attendance in ICU rounds may increase their duration but improve communication, according to recent research.
May 2018

Syncope, latent TB, and perioperative aspirin

Recent guidelines that provide algorithms for triage, diagnosis, and diagnostic testing may also help, as well as improved discharge planning and patient education, the authors said. ... In addition, patients with recent stent implantation were excluded,
May 2018

No association seen between red blood cell transfusion, mortality in sepsis

The study's finding of a protective effect on mortality from transfusions in the low hematocrit subgroup differs from similar research not focused on sepsis patients but supports the most recent ... research in critically ill sepsis patients, the authors
September 2017

Natriuretic peptide-guided therapy didn't reduce heart failure hospitalizations or mortality

A recent trial of natriuretic peptide-guided therapy for high-risk heart failure patients was halted early when the strategy proved no better than usual care. ... This finding differs from other recent research, possibly because other trials achieved
August 2017

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