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Medicare takes aim at hospital-acquired conditions

And some doctors say that the initiative, while admirable, could very well lead to more testing and a need for additional staffing, both of which could add to the cost of
November 2007

Seven on/seven off: Readers respond

In specialties that require 24/7 in-house coverage such as hospital medicine, emergency medicine, and anesthesia, the issue of staffing models is important. ... This necessitates some form of shift-work staffing. A “watching the clock” mentality is
July 2011

A code for improving transitions of care

It may also be the community-based physician doesn't have the staffing or workflow to actually do that follow-up in a short turn-around time.
November 2018

The meaning of mergers

from one's approach to clinical work and staffing to compensation, she said. ... Flores said. Her firm recently worked with a health system that sent a request for proposal to all of the big hospitalist staffing companies.
May 2019

Recent Research

Ambulatory ECG monitoring after stroke, benefit of ventilator bundle components, alteplase and long-term survival after ischemic stroke, and more
February 2017

Taking charge after discharge

If you start initiatives in the hospital…it requires additional staffing.”. The hospital hopes to eventually expand its own post-discharge offerings, but currently, an outside service is the best fit,
January 2013

Recent Research

The authors also drew attention to the finding that physician staffing models were not predictive of outcomes, concluding “it is not the on-site presence of an intensivist that drives better
September 2014

Raising the bar on health care ratings sites

NCQA rates health plans, by the way.). Physicians and hospitals are often wary of ratings schemes, arguing that they focus too much on cost, and that factors like staffing ratios and
May 2008

Specialized care for elderly inpatients linked to better outcomes

The MACE unit may be a viable alternative for hospitals that are unable to set up ACE units due to barriers like costs, staffing and space needs, the authors wrote.
May 2013

Schedule tweaks boost admission capacity

A hospital with long ED wait times had its hospitalists study staffing models to find a solution. ... The doctors presented ideas for a few different staffing models, and then the team used historical data points, Legos, and video to simulate the models,
January 2018

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